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Authorized Brands

Our hand-picked brands represent what we believe to be best in class performance, value, and dependability.  We are authorized dealers for the following brands (and many more!):

  Masters of all things video - Sony offers one of the most complete TV and projectors lines on the market.  Sony's amazing XBR engine considered by many to be the best.
Samsung QLED technology offers bright images and great anti glare performance in well lit rooms.  The leader in style also offer several models that look like artwork in your space.
Once the master of plasma technology, Panasonic has re-invented their TV line and manufactures the best rated OLED display on the market as well as a handful of strong LED TVs.
Monitor Audio offer a complete line of stellar loudspeakers for every type of environment imaginable as well as some of the best reviewed conventional boxed speakers on the market.
Canada's own Totem Acoustic still manufacture their core line of beautifully crafted speakers in Montreal.  Top notch cabinets and over engineered crossovers and an amazing listening sessions.
One of the most iconic and historically relevant speaker companies founded in 1947 in Arkansas.  Premier and Heritage series offer dynamics and energy unrivaled at these price points.
The only A/V receiver brand offering products designed, engineered, and manufactured in house.  An equally impressive two channel hi-fi line and legendary Yamaha reliability. 

Founded in the early 1970's and winner of countless hi-fi awards, Cambridge Audio still offer one of the most compelling hi-fi lines for the budget conscious to the strictest audiophile.

Our favourite turntable manufacturer just so happens to make some of the best reviewed integrated and phono amplifiers on the market.  All Rega products are made in England since 1973.
Aubiolab are manufacturers of great sounding integrated amplifiers and highly rated digital to analog converters.  They also offer CD transports and digital pre-amplifiers.
Roksan are another made in England electronics manufacturer of modern-featured amplifiers and digital sources.  Founded in the 1970s and recently acquired into the Monitor Audio family.
A classic name in the hi-fi industry, Rotel offer great sounding two channel amplifiers and CD players as well as a complete line of multi-channel amps for home theatre and distributed audio systems.

Pro-ject Audio are primarily a highly rated turntable manufacturer with a huge line offering tons of options and a seemingly endless upgrade path via various turntables accessories.

We have sold and auditioned most of the big cable names over the years and Wireworld's line of analog/digital interconnects and power cables  simply outperform the competition. 

A Danish turntable cartridge manufacturer with a 100 year plus legacy.  Finely manufactured and our favourite overall cartridge a details yet balanced sound and high tracking ability.

Nagaoka is a turntable cartridge manufacturer based in Japan.  Some of the smoothest and sweetest sounding moving magnet cartridges available.

Palliser Seating based in Winnipeg and manufactured in North America.  Hundreds of fabric, leather and layout options.  Samples available in store.


Sonos are the market leader in multi-room, wireless audio systems.  Featuring an easy-to-use app and completely scaleable solutions to get music through your home or business. 

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