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Help!  I have no sound on my audio system!

Help! I have no sound on my audio system!

And the game is about to start right?... and with that in mind I'll get right to it.

Here's a quick troubleshoot that'll hopefully get you back up and running with a few suggestions at the end should it appear your audio system needs servicing.

1) Determine if the issue is isolated to a single source (i.e. your cable box).  If you have sound while watching your AppleTV or Bluray player, for example, but nothing from your cable or satellite box chances are you need to reboot the box, unplug it for a few minutes, or (boo!) your set top box is fried or dying a slow death.  Lastly, dive into the settings menu on the cable/satellite box and ensure the audio ouput is set to fixed volume - this eliminates the volume control on the box ensuring you aren't muting the volume before it even has a chance to get to the audio system.

2) If you've determined the audio is missing on all sources it's time to do a restart on the whole system.  Turn everything off including the television and restart everything from scratch.  Chances are things will be exactly the same at this point but we've now let all the equipment "hand shake" with one another.

3) Check the input on your receiver or soundbar speaker.  It would be rare to not have noticed this by now but stranger things have happened.  Make sure your audio receiver or soundbar is on the correct input - this is typically indicated on the display of the receiver or by an LED light on your soundbar and selectable from the unit or via it's own remote control.

4) Once you've confirmed that the input is correct check to see if the audio receiver is receiving signal - this is also usually indicated on the front display as a series of boxes representing speaker channel or with wording such as "locked" or a signal type.  Soundbars will not generally give you any feedback so skip this step.  If you can tell it's receiving signal but there's no output this could indicate an input assignment setup issue which involves...wait for work!...yay.  This varies significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer but it usually involves getting into the receiver's on screen menu and making sure the locations the digital and HDMI cables are plugged in matches the vatious inputs you're using.

5)  Still no sound? If the reciever has a headphone jack plug a pair in.  If you have sound with the headphones but not your speakers make sure your "speakers A and B" or multizone options are selected properly.  If the headphones work this could indicate a problem with your loudspeakers.

5)  Check cable connections and qualities.  An HDMI cable that's seen better days can wreak havoc in your system.  Check all your cables for integrity and quality of connection


This is not an extensive list by any means but hopefully it'll help some folks out who just want to hear the damn game.  Oh, one last thing, check the Tape Monitor button. 

That was a joke for the old folks.

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